Are you prepared for the unexpected?

ABC First aid suppliers are your experts when it comes to first aid supplies. Our Kits are restocked every 3 to 6 months or on request and all products hold long shelf life.

This makes it a cost effective solution for your company. We also stock safety products, signs and in-home care equipment so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Purchase a First-aid Kit

domestic first aid kit

Choose from a specialised range of kits available in either boxes, bags or cabinets. With this variety of kits, it will perfectly suit your needs guaranteed.

To find out more about purchasing a first-aid kit either for personal or commercial use please Click Here.

First Aid Kits Service

car first aid kit

We can also come to your workplace and service your first aid kit on site. This includes that your kit is checked for out of date items and updated to workplace health & safety standards.

Click Here to book an appointment with us to restock and service your First-aid kit.

First-aid Courses

industrial first aid kit

At the moment we are currently undergoing accreditation to run first-aid courses and this service will be avaliable in the near future. Watch this space for future updates on our progress with these courses.